Byron Mullens 15 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

This is what the highlight video of the future will look like. Three Pointers. Dunks. Free Throws. Nothing else. All that other stuff will be too inefficient for future-denizens. Byron Mullens is leading us into a glorious high-efficiency era of smart shot selection.

Actually he’s one of the wackiest players in the league and has no filter on the shots he takes. Anything goes with him. If he’s even a little open from three it’s going up. He doesn’t realize that the further back you are from the long-line, the less likely the shot is to go in. He can create his own shot, in a sense, but that shot will always be a turnaround midrange jumper.

I was worried I wasn’t going to get to do highlights of him this year, but the Clippers heard my call and traded him to the worst team in the league. I’m looking forward to at least 20 points this year from him. He’s bound to get a bunch of minutes, and his shot creation ability is nigh unmatched on the 76ers. Hell, I can see 40 in his future. Wouldn’t that be the dopest thing ever?

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