Dion Waiters 24 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2014)

Not to toot my own (or Dion’s) horn or anything, but these are some fun highlights to watch. His jumpers are absolutely flawless, nothing but net. His layups are all heavily contested and showcase his good body control. He dunks with power.

I admit that when I watched these highlights I thought wildly of Cleveland casting aside Kyrie Irving and building around Dion Waiters instead. It’s becoming more and more clear that their two young guards can’t really play next to each other. Why not trade Kyrie now for some a more pass-first point guard and some picks or something. Foolproof!

That sounds fine until you realize that while they’re both total chuckers, Kyrie is the better of them at it and is more valuable in his youth. But the trade market for a shooting guard like Dion is limited. Maybe if it was the early 00’s and volume scoring was en vogue he would be better regarded. It looks like we get at least a few more years of this experiment. Who knows, maybe it could work out in the end and in 20 years we talk about the Cleveland dynasty with fondness.

Yeah. That’s gonna happen.

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