Pero Antic 16 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2014)

The Hawks really missed Pero Antic while he was out with an injury. Not only because of his shooting range, but because of his center-ness. It turns out that NBA teams don’t play all that well when they don’t have any centers available (Mike Muscala doesn’t count because of how not good he is).

Obviously Pero is no Al Horford, but he’ll do fine for now. His three point game means the Hawks’ starting five can all shoot from downtown (theoretically). This is a good thing. One can never have enough spacing. Never. If you had a team of dudes who could all shoot reliably from half-court I think that would be guaranteed championships.

Also, please don’t leave any disparaging remarks about certain nationalities or the status of their country’s name in the comments. Unless you call them gypsies. That’s always a hoot.

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