Tobias Harris 23 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2014)

In the midst of the awful seasons that various teams around the league are having, the Magic’s own awful season has been largely neglected.

They’re really bad, but their roster is not made up of bad players. There are tons of teams who would love to have some of the Magic’s stuff, which isn’t the case with the 76ers or even Bucks. But why are they so bad? Is it coaching? Coaches are always the easiest to blame. Maybe they have bad roster composition? Any roster with Tobes on it is a good one, so that can’t be it.

I was disappointed in Tobias’ play earlier in the season, but he has turned it around and is looking more like the dude we saw at the end of last year. If he keeps it up we could have an OKC situation on our hands. Tobias = Durant. Oladipo = Westbrook. Vucevic = Ibaka. Hell if they draft a stud during the offseason we could be talking multiple chips.

That’s how tanking usually turns out, I’m pretty sure. Ignore the Cavaliers. Ignore the Kings. Ignore the fact that OKC hasn’t won anything. Tanking works!

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