Tony Wroten Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2014)

If a player gets a career high while playing with the 76ers, does it make a sound?

Well the Philadelphia faithful sure made a lot of noise when Tony Wroten scored his 29th and 30th points with a dunk that tied the game late in the 4th. Sure they only scored 1 more point after that and went on to lose again by 12, but for a few minutes that arena was alive.

Tony Wroten was electric the entire game, throwing his body around without a care, bowling into people and heaving up shots that were somehow going in. All 30 of his points came at the basket or on free throws drawn at the basket. He’s probably realized that the perimeter is not somewhere where he should be shooting and that he should concentrate instead on his biggest strength, which is putting his head down and driving into the lane.

The new fun thing to say about that 76ers is that “they only have 2 NBA players”, those being MCW and the Mad Thadder. I take issue with that. Tony Wroten is totally an NBA player. James Anderson is also maybe one. Byron Mullens? Why the hell not? So that’s like 5 NBA-caliber-ish players in total.

That’s not enough to stop them from losing out, though.

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