DeMarcus Cousins 28 Points/20 Rebounds Full Highlights (3/9/2014)

For the first time in a long time, the Kings appear to have a core they can build around: Cousins, Gay, and Thomas. These players all have deficiencies, but it’s a start.

Cousins in particular is a big question mark. He kinda looks like this: ?. Does he contain within him the discipline necessary not to punch refs every time a call goes against him? Will he ever stop piledriving fans who ask him for autographs right after a tough loss? Is there a coach out there who is able to control him, when it is common knowledge that he has commissioned hit jobs on all of his previous coaches? Will Cousins ever share the large amount of nachos he is known to have in his house?

There are some questions on the court as well. Is there any opposing center who can keep Cousins off the glass? Does there exist a player in the league who possesses Cousins’ unique blend of size and mobility? Can basketball hoop companies build a rim strong enough to withstand the seismic force of Cousins’ whammage?

All these are questions that remain without an answer. It is still up in there air whether we will see a new Kings dynasty in three years, or we will be saying in three years “man, the Kings have been in the lottery for a decade now, when will they put it all together?”

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