Kyle Lowry Triple Double 20 Pts/11 Asts/12 Rebs Full Highlights (3/9/2014)

The Raptors commentators describe Lowry as someone who has a lot of “intensity”.

Which explains why he pisses the opposing team off all the time and is always seemingly itching for a fight. And why he has the reputation (unearned?) of being a team cancer. But does it explain his rotundity? Is his intensity highest when faced with the menu at McDonald’s?

I guess it doesn’t matter, now that the Raptors are doing that mystical thing called “winning”, which cures all ills. Kyle Lowry is playing the best basketball of his life and probably got snubbed for the all-star game. By his own teammate. Ouch.

Anyway, yeah, triple-double time for Mr. Kyle. Not his greatest shooting night but he was really going after those rebounds. That’s how players get when they’re close to a triple-double. Gotta crash the glass/start spamming passes to get an arbitrary achievement. It happens every time. Except for David West that one time, though he might have just been pretty good at pretending to not try.

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