Drew Gooden 15 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2014)

People like to criticize LeBron for not winning any titles during his tenure with the Cavs. And to be sure, some of the blame falls on him. But have you looked at the teammates that he had to share the ball with? Drew Gooden was the second or third best player on some of those teams. DREW GOODEN. Damn. I’d want to go to South Beach too.

I’m not hating on Drew here. It’s just that he’s more of a 6th or 7th banana rather than a primary banana. And that’s on offense. You just hope that he gives you more on that end than he gives up on defense.

But the Wizards are enjoying his presence. Him, combined with Al Harrington and Andre Miller form a bench unit that is unsurpassed in savviness. They were a little to eager to trot them out against the Heat, though. Especially in the 4th quarter of a close game. Experimental lineups are fun when the game isn’t on the line. Otherwise, just put in your starters.

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