Henry Sims 10 Points/3 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (3/10/2014)

Remember the basketball hoop you could buy in the original Sims video game? Where your Sim would do a little dance if they made a basket? That’s kind of what I imagined Henry Sims’ game to be like before making these highlights. Now I know I was dead wrong – Sims does not do any dances when he makes jumpers. He just has the cold, silent look of an assassin. He also has complete autonomy over his actions, something that the Sims did not have.

“Sim City” is the Sixers-commentator-appointed nickname for him, but that makes even less sense. Sim City is definitely the best city simulator of all time, and in fact is one of the top ten PC game series ever. Henry Sims is not the best at anything, and he might not even be in the top ten on his own team. Step it up, Henry! You need to live up to this nickname!

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