Khris Middleton 21 Points/7 Assists/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/10/2014)

The Bucks currently have the worst record in the league. But they are not the worst team anymore; the 76ers are way worse and the Magic might be too. Philly, especially, represents a very real threat of losing the top spot in the draft lottery, theoretically pushing the Bucks down too far in the draft to get an impact player. This latest win does not help matters.

But I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Even if they got the top pick, they would mess it up by drafting Embiid or Wiggins or somebody when Kyle Anderson is just sitting there waiting to be taken. The way I see it is they’re gonna mess this draft up in pretty much any scenario. You can’t pass on a generation talent like Kyle Anderson, but I fear that is what will occur.

Imagine Anderson and Khris Middleton paired up together. Holy jalapeno poppers! I’m getting shivers just thinking about it.

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