Kyle Korver 26 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2014)

Quick quiz: how long was Kyle Korver’s streak of consecutive games with a made three?

Answer: No one knows, because it’s the kind of achievement that is forgotten instantly, by the entirety of humanity, once it’s over. Google might know. But that thing isn’t human.

Anyway, now we can watch Korver play without worry or angst over some random future trivia question. Instead we can gripe about how he wasn’t in the three point contest. Supposedly he wanted to spend the week off with his family. That’s great and heartwarming and all, but the three point contest is for the best shooters, of which Kyle is certainly one. He is an entertainer. I demand he entertain me!

They screwed up the format for that contest anyway. A whole rack of money balls? Come on. That’s the one contest that didn’t need any tweaking. It’s like if they changed the dunk contest to a free-for-all East vs West monstrosity or something. Wait.

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