Tim Hardaway Jr. 28 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/10/2014)

In the midst of the nightmare carnival that is the Knicks’ season, there isn’t much to be happy about. Carmelo Anthony is good, I guess. But Stoudemire is old and overpaid, they have a lame-duck coach, Spike Lee exists, Chandler doesn’t care any more, they don’t have a pick this year in a stacked draft, Shumpert can’t shoot, their owner is a lunatic, and Phil Jackson isn’t going to help any of this because he is overrated.

But they did strike gold in their rookie, Tim Hardaway Jr., who is outperforming almost everybody in his draft class and almost everybody on his team. He was in a bit of a drought the last few games, leading some to wonder if he’d the rookie wall. I, myself, had similar thoughts. But with this game, consider his rookie wall smashed. Smashed in the manner of the Kool-Aid man, delivering refreshing beverages to parched kids across the nation.

Except instead of sugar water we get endless threes.

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