Andrew Bynum Pacers Debut 8 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2014)

Remind me again why people are excited about Andrew Bynum? Yeah, I know he was a great player once upon a time, before his knees got taken to Pennsylvania and were magically transmuted into Philly cheesesteaks.

But this guy straight-up quit on the last team he was on. Just absolutely quit and said he had not much interest in playing basketball anymore. What’s stopping him from doing the same thing this time? The exciting Indianapolis nightlife (read: bowling alleys)? The hope of suckering another team into paying him? Maybe he just hates losing and all his actions were because he wants to win? That’s the most charitable thing I can think of.

There’s no redemption story to be found here. If he turns it around and actually tries this time, that would be great. He’s a fun player to watch and it’s better for the league to have him healthy and activated. But I’m not counting on it.

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