Mirza Teletovic 17 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (3/12/2014)

Nickname jerseys: the dumbest idea ever?

The whole concept of nicknames for a player is not a good one anyway. Only a very scant few are worthwhile. “King James”, are you freaking kidding me. “MT3” isn’t very good either. If you’re gonna have a nickname at least have it not involve your own name in any way. But it’s easy to see why the league does these games: money. Suckers will buy these jerseys, so the NBA will keep giving them what they want.

But Mirza Teletovic cares not what people call him. He cares about winning basketball games and shooting lots of threes. Lots and lots of threes. He’s been in a slump lately, but apparently getting matched up against his old rival LeBron James got him fired up again. He was a maniac in the first half, scoring easily and blocking shots with ferocity. He followed that up by hitting two timely three-pointers in the 4th quarter, including one right in the face of LeBum.

The Nets are turning the corner at the right time. Are they contenders? No. But they can at least make for a fun series against an actual contender. That’s pretty good.

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