Kent Bazemore 16 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2014)

Kent Bazemore’s true colors are showing. He doesn’t want to be a defensive specialist off the bench. He wants to be an offensive centerpiece, the kind of guy who takes tons of shots.

Who can blame him? When I play basketball I want to score. I don’t want to try and stop the other guy. Half the time he’ll just miss anyway. Scoring makes people take notice. They say stuff like “man that really wasn’t a very good shot to take” and “does that guy ever pass?”

Luckily for Kent there are tons of shots to be had and also no obligation to play defense. Is this stint with the Lakers gonna mess him up permanently, making him worth little to teams who don’t play D’Antoni ball? We’ll get to find out soon when D’Antoni gets fired after the season. Thanks Kobe.

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