Mike Dunleavy 21 Points/1 Injury Full Highlights (3/13/2014)

Mike Dunleavy, henceforth referred to as “Manleavy”, is allegedly a dirty player. That’s why DeMarcus Cousins hates him. However, since Manleavy is white, he is a “tough competitor” as opposed to an “out-of-control thug”. Let us do away with the concept of race entirely and just accept the fact that all professional athletes are thugs!

I don’t believe in karma, so I’m not saying Manleavy had that injury coming. That would be a foolish opinion to hold. Anybody who believes in karma, in this modern era of scientific reasoning, is a buffoon of the highest order. Bad people influence people around them in a negative way, thus, bad things happen to them. There is no cosmic force out there making a tally of our actions, unless you count Santa.

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