Pero Antic 16 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (3/15/2014)

Pero Antic keeps having these “okay” games. 16 points is cool. 17 points would have been cooler but the racist and biased scorekeepers took one of his points away. (to be fair his foot was totally inside the arc but that doesn’t disprove my assertion that the scorekeepers hate Macedonians.)

But he can’t seem to break the 20-point barrier. I would love it if he could just have a single game where he goes totally nuts and score like 30 points. He’s too choosy with his shots. He might be technically a rookie, but he’s 31 years old and with that seniority comes the leeway to shoot a ton of threes. He needs to take advantage.

Hopefully he’s reading this right now. You hear me, Pero! I want more points!

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