Gorgui Dieng Career High 12 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (3/16/2014)

Gorgui Dieng just got a career high in pretty much everything: points with 12, rebounds with 11, blocks with 5, and steals with 2. The 5 blocks were the most impressive thing. These weren’t wimpy blocks where he barely grazed the ball or stripped the ball as the shooter was going up.

These were MAN BLOCKS. Blocks only performable by the manliest and most virile male. 5 shots, utterly rejected with force and anger. A primal display reminiscent of a man protecting his woman (the rim) from the unwanted advances of others (the balls).

He also dunked it a few times and even made 2 of his 6 free throws. Those things were cool too. But those blocks were ridiculous. Damn.

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