Lance Stephenson 25 Points Full Highlights (3/17/2014)

I’m imagining that Pacers fans are experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance right now. They love the Pacers, and they love basketball, but they have to reconcile that with Lance Stephenson being an iso-loving tough guy maniac who makes a mockery of the game with his swag.

But despite Stephenson’s not-as-desirable qualities, he has turned himself into a very good player. His decision making is kind of funky sometimes although he makes up for that by stealing all of Hibbert’s rebounds. He hasn’t been triple-doubling as much lately, and he’s not really all-star quality as some claimed, but the difference between this Lance and early Lance is astounding.

That doesn’t mean I don’t dislike watching him, though. Too much swag, I guess.

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