Roy Hibbert 20 Points Full Highlights (3/19/2014)

Am I the only one who takes joy in the Pacers’ recent struggles? I don’t like it when teams do well. I would rather they suck so that I can make fun of them. Then, when it turns out that they were just in a slump, I can pretend that I never wrote any of the following:

Roy Hibbert is only a defensive anchor because the refs allow him to get away with fouling everybody who comes into the paint. He also has no offensive game even though he’s four inches taller than the average opposing center. Paul George is not even a superstar and was seriously overhyped after his hot start. George Hill is a tweener. Lance Stephenson is a thug who has a “pushing girlfriends down the stairs and slamming their heads against walls” problem that has been swept under the rug by Pacers fans. David West’s contract, while reasonable at the moment, will become an albatross when his body inevitably deteriorates. Luis Scola is a wimp who couldn’t even maintain control over the Falkland Islands.

50-18 record? Stifling defense? First seed in the East? Second-best record in the league? No. The Pacers suck.

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