Shawn Marion 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/19/2014)

I never watched The Matrix, because I’m always too busy making highlights, but allegedly, that movie portrays reality as nothing but an illusion that we are all plugged into. Then you can either take the blue pill to remain blissfully ignorant, or the red pill, which will rip away the curtain to reveal the ugly face of reality.

I’m pretty sure Shawn Marion took the red pill. While everybody else labors under false ideals of “good shooting form”, Shawn has unlocked the secret to basketball success: shoot it however you friggin’ want. There’s a reason why he’s 35 years old and still starting for a playoff team. He plays by his own rules.

Meanwhile, I have taken the blue pill, so whenever I see somebody with a messed-up shooting motion I make fun of them. Whoever came up with “ignorance is bliss” sure knew what they were talking about.

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