Chandler Parsons 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/20/2014)

Chandler walked into the locker room after the Rocket’s dominating win over the lowly Timberwolves. He was the only one there, as this was the VIP locker room, only for the best guys on the team.

He sensuously took off his shirt, sweat dripping from his perfect muscles. His shorts went next, leaving him clad only in his too-tight Under Armour. Pausing to admire himself in the full-length mirror, he struck a few poses that further accentuated his Herculean physique.

“Hey silly, what are you doing in here?” came a familiar voice. Chandler turned around to find Jeremy Lin standing in the door with his hands on his hips. “Playing supermodel without me? I’m hurt!” Jeremy clutched his chest in mock agony.

“You’re welcome to join in. But you gotta lose the jersey first,” Chandler responded, walking over to where Jeremy stood. Slowly lifting the jersey off Jeremy’s chest, his fingers lingered just a bit too long on Jeremy’s chiseled pectoral muscles.

“Oooh, Chandler, that tickles!” Jeremy squealed. “You’re such a naughty boy!” Grabbing a towel from the pile in the corner, Jeremy playfully flicked it at his teammate’s butt.

Chandler caught Jeremy’s gaze with his own. His eyes seemed to burn with desire. “You want naughty?” he snarled, before pouncing on Jeremy and locking his lips in a passionate embrace.

Several minutes later, both men were gasping for breath. “Why don’t we go back to my place? Ricky’s already waiting for us,” Chandler purred, grabbing Jeremy’s hand and leading him out into the night.
Jenny Smith of Houston, Texas clicked “save” with satisfaction. After hours of writing and rewriting, she had crafted another masterpiece to post to her LiveJournal. Her fellow seventh-graders were sure to appreciate her well-written Linsons fanfiction.

She smiled to herself. If they liked this chapter, just wait until they read the decidedly R-rated second chapter!

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