Jan Vesely 10 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (3/23/2014)

Playing in the NBA must really suck. There are these things called “expectations” that follow you around your whole career and cause untold amounts of stress.

Jan Vesely has plenty of these so-called “expectations”. These include “having skills other than athleticism”, “the ability to shoot free throws”, and “not being a gigantic bust”. Unfortunately he has met none of these. In fact, he’s probably failed to meet even the goals set for him by the most pessimistic NBA fan.

Recently he’s been traded from the franchise which drafted him, which at least offers him some new scenery and a hope that he might turn his career around. As a bonus, the injury to JJ Hickson offers some minutes that weren’t there before. Things are looking up! Add in his smokin’ hot girlfriend and this 10-point performance against his former team and my optimism is now raging unczeched. (hoo-wah!)

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