OJ Mayo 21 Points Full Highlights (3/23/2014)

If you made a big list of all the free-agent signings this off-season, and sorted it by how successful each player was, OJ Mayo would surely be at the bottom. However, if you sorted said list by how fat each player was, OJ Mayo would be at the top! So it averages out. All good.

It’s not all good. I know the food in Wisconsin is really delicious but that doesn’t mean you can plant your butt on the ground and eat it while your teammates practice around you. The coaching staff in Milwaukee has some discipline issues.

The good news is that there will probably be a team willing to trade for him, even after this. His shooting stroke still looks good. His contract isn’t totally horrible, only pretty horrible, and he still has some residual hype from high school, in addition to the residual french fry grease on his fingers.

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