Caron Butler 23 Points/0 Blocks Full Highlights (3/24/2014)

Caron “C-Butt” Butler didn’t have a very productive game outside of scoring tonight. So unproductive that the little orange graphic that popped up over the score near the end of the game read “Caron Butler 23 points 0 blocked shots”. Either someone is making a funny or the algorithm values 0 blocks over 4 rebounds.

23 points is pretty good though. Especially for Butler, as it has now been revealed that instead of just looking crappy due to the Bucks’ all-permeating crappiness, he is just straight-up crappy. If the Nuggets had decided to try guarding him with non-point guards these highlights wouldn’t exist.

One thing he has going for him is vet savvy. If he can somehow transfer it to Kevin Durant the Thunder will be unstoppable.

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