Robin Lopez 20 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2014)

Why don’t you guys like Robin Lopez? Is it because he looks like that guy from The Simpsons? Because that’s a stupid reason to dislike somebody. Really, I expected more from you.

Cartoonish hair aside, Lopez has been an unheralded component of the Blazers’ success this year. He’s the perfect center for a team with a bunch of chuckers on it; he gets his points off putbacks or the occasional pick and roll. He can even splash a jumper if he needs too. He’s an ironman too, with his consecutive games started streak over 150 now. Take that Brook!

I’ve done some research and discovered that the best NBA players have hashtags. On Tweeter or whatever it’s called. So I took the liberty of crafting some for Robin, in order to hopefully increase his visibility on social media.

#FirstRobinOfSpring #PopcornHair #PickAndPopcorn #RobinLopezDunkManiac #RobinYouBlind

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