Ben McLemore 18 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2014)

What happened to Ben “Video Game” McLemore? He was touted as having one of the purest strokes in the league when he came in. And it does look pretty darn good. So why aren’t his shots going in? He even gets to be the starter and he still can’t do anything. Why?

There are several theories. The one I subscribe to is that the Kings franchise just makes everyone suck really bad for no reason in particular. Like a voodoo curse for some unknown past transgression. Or it could be that the Kings’ big three (Gay Thomas Cousins) hog all the shots. You’d hog all the shots too if your other options were Mister 37% and Aaron Grayhair.

Whatever the reason, McLemore has been a disappointment. Even these 18 points are disappointing. They might look good, but 5-of-16 is not a super great night by any means. Sorry for misleading you.

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