Marco Belinelli 27 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/28/2014)

The Spurs are contenders. Again. Surprised? Obviously not. Everyone saw this coming.

The big names are still playing, for the most part, at their established level. Tim Duncan took Father Time and slapped him in the nads. Tony Parker’s floater game is so refined that looking directly at it causes blindness. Manu Ginobili pretends that all his opponents are British and uses the resulting hate to win basketball games. This is all to be expected.

But Marco Belinelli is an underrated aspect of their success. Danny Green hasn’t been the same this year, which is not good because his floor spacing was crucial last year. I don’t know if they predicted Green’s downfall or what, but the Spurs FO picked up Belinelli for cheap and he is paying dividends. His outside shooting has been amazing, he can make plays and he sometimes does the big-ball dance. Pretty much the perfect free-agent signing.

Ugh. Goddamned Spurs. Makes me sick.

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