Ray McCallum Career High 16 Points/8 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (3/29/2014)

It seems like the NBA season just started, but we are rapidly approaching its end. You know what that means! Rotations start to get a little wonky and minutes begin to get doled out at random. The upshot of this? Highlights of scrubs!

Yes, Ray McCallum is a scrub. The only reason he’s getting these minutes is because Isaiah Thomas died of terminal shortness. The Kings have not looked good with him as the replacement, but since the Kings have never looked good this season I guess that’s not really a surprise.

Despite his being a citizen of the scrubland he had a great game tonight, scoring in a variety of ways and even dunking it once. Out of his 8 assists maybe 4 were legit, but whatever. It benefits the league to have higher stat totals.

I’m very happy to have done this highlights. I’ve now done both him and CJ McCollum, which was one of my goals going into the season. And I still don’t know which is which. Do you? Did I just fool you all with CJ McCollum highlights? Perhaps!

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