Anthony Morrow 23 Points Full Highlights (3/31/2014)

Anthony Morrow is always so hyped up. He realizes the nature of the NBA; that a bench player like him needs to make his presence felt in ways other than pure ability. Like getting really excited about things and saying “let’s fucking go” after hitting a shot. Go where?

He was a little too eager and vigorous in giving out the dap after the Pelicans called a timeout because Sacramento went on a run. I know it’s fun, Anthony, but only give minimum dap if it’s the bad kind of timeout.

He’s right to be excited, though, because he just scored 23 points after being left for dead earlier in the season. I’d be pumped as well if I got a steal and took it up myself for a transition three. Austin Rivers does that and he goes on Shaqtin’ a Fool even if it goes in. But when Anthony Morrow wants to shoot, he gets to shoot.

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