Chris Douglas-Roberts 18 Points Full Highlights (3/31/2014)

Chris “Rewritable” Douglas-Roberts is a bench player for the Charlotte Bobcats. This is a significant step-up from his previous role, which was “out of the league”. He was good for like a month with the Nets and maybe 2 or 3 games with the Bucks, but after that he just kind of died. Maybe he was a team cancer or something? Doesn’t matter now, I guess, since he has established himself enough as an okay bench guy who can shoot the three to probably get more contracts in the future.

There is hype surrounding the Bobcats this year for something other than being ridiculously bad, as they are currently the 7th seed and should make the playoffs. Not much hype, but still there are some fawning articles about Al Jefferson and his saving the Bobcats or whatever. The fact remains that they are below .500 in a horrible conference and will likely get destroyed Bucks-style in the first round. Gotta build up some good vibes for that name change!

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