Mason Plumlee 16 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (4/5/2014)

Mason Plumlee has already separated himself from the pack of his fellow rookies with his ability to do nothing except dunk. He might be the most successful out of all of them at performing within his role. The Nets don’t need him to shoot jumpers, handle the ball, or do post moves. They just need him to be DeAndre Jordan-light for a few minutes a night.

There are fans of college ball who say NBA basketball is just a bunch of freaks jumping around and dunking. Usually those guys are latently (or openly) racist, the implication being that there is not enough basketball IQ going around. Mason takes that notion and flips it upside its head. Basketball IQ in general is an iffy concept but if it exists then he probably doesn’t have much of it. And he’s white! He’s supposed to be fundamentally sound or whatever.

I’m not complaining. I like watching him dunk basketballs. And he dunks it a lot in this video. Even the two non-dunks he had could have been converted into slams if he had just tried harder.

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