Phil Pressey 12 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (4/5/2014)

Wow, these highlights are kinda not as good as I had hoped. I mean, they’re technically good. Everything’s there. All the assists. All the points. It’s just, you know…

The assists are totally lame. There, I said it. These are lame-o-supremo assists, peer-reviewed to ensure their lameness. Practically all of them just lead to jumpers. All Phil Pressey had to do was easily pass it do a guy standing wide open. Interior passing is just way too cool for this dude.

I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t know he was capable of better. But he is. He can be like a mini-Rondo out there. I guess I only have myself to blame. I saw the 11 assists in the boxscore, I got a little overexcited, without realizing that the Pistons defense is geared towards just letting the opposing team do whatever they want. The 12 points are still good, though. Those are fine.

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