Evan Fournier 26 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (4/6/2014)

Evan Fournier reclined in his posh leather couch, enjoying a glass of the finest French Chardonnay. Just as he was about to put on his favorite recording of Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’, he was interrupted by his phone ringing.

“This is the Fournicator.”

“Is that what you call yourself now? It’s Jan.”

Evan tensed up. He was definitely not expecting this call. “Hey. Uh. What’s up?”

“You know gift basket you give me? The one with all those French delicacies and stuff in it?”

He knew all too well about the gift basket. All too well. “Yeah, did you like it? Some real good stuff in there.”

“Well the cheese in it was being kind of pungent for my taste, so I leave it outside so it not stink up my place. I don’t really have a backyard at my townhouse so I just leave it on the sidewalk. And wouldn’t you know, it exploded! Like there was bomb in it or something. Not very good one, but there’s cheese and escargot all over front of my house and on my neighbor’s cars. And some scorch marks on the sidewalk. So to answer question, no, I didn’t enjoy it. You wouldn’t know how this happened would you?”

“Yeah man that’s crazy oh look at the time gotta call you back bye.” He quickly ended the call, and just as quickly dialed a new number.

“Hello, Hollande? This is unit #211-BX. Operation CzechDown has failed. Repeat: CzechDown failed, target still alive. I don’t know! He wised up. He suspects me. Yes. Yes sir. Phase 2 will be executed at the earliest possible opportunity. I assure you I will not fail again.”

Evan ended the call and leaned back on the couch. Reaching over, he grabbed his sound system’s remote and put on the music he had been intending to, hoping that the combination of Debussy and Chardonnay would ease his frazzled nerves and troubled mind.

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