Pero Antic Career High 18 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2014)

What’s up with the Pacers? They’ve been looking like total crap lately. Playing like it too. (Zing!). The Hawks aren’t any good really and they still totally destroyed those losers. I blame Paul George for not being a superstar like everyone told me he was.

I also blame Pero Antic, who scored 16 on them earlier in the year. The thought of facing him again must have been too much for the Pacers’ fragile psyches to handle. And they were right to be fearful; he scored 18 on them this time, a new career high.

And if any of you bring up the fact that he’s scored more than that while playing in Macedonia, I will personally get on the next flight to Skopje and fight you. I have a katana that’s been folded like a thousand times, which would be accompanying me.

Thought so.

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