Ricky Rubio 23 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/8/2014)

For someone who is as good a free throw shooter as Ricky Rubio is, you’d think he’d be a little better at shooting jumpers. But it seems like every time it comes down to it in a game, his meticulously practiced form goes to hell and he just shoots it however.

It could be a stamina thing. I know when I get tired in a game I lose all arc on my shot and shoot line drives. Or it could be a result of him hardly ever getting looks where he can really set his feet instead of shooting off the dribble. Such is the life of a point guard.

His jumper is just one of many problems he has in the scoring department. Low-volume three point shooting is his best attribute when it comes to putting the actual ball in the actual hole. But who cares about scoring? I thought everyone loved the so called “pure point” who looks for his teammates first, second and third. Historically bad shooting percentages only detract a little bit from the passing wizardry this guy displays on a nightly basis.

You can forget about those first two paragraphs after watching these highlights. His shot is apparently totally fixed. He hit his first two midrange jumpers and thought “damn I’m good I should call my own number this game”. So he did. A career-high 10 made shots, plus some assists when he felt like being charitable to his teammates. This performance comes at a good time, too, as the Wolves make their final playoff push.

Why are you crying?

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