Austin Rivers 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/11/2014)

This game is a representation of what optimists hoped Austin Rivers would be. A guy who can shoot from outside a little bit, but is more proficient at using crossovers to get into the paint and then either finishing or dishing.

Pessimists just thought he would suck as he had sucked in college.

The pessimists win this round. While Austin Rivers has had a few good games recently, he still was picked way too early in the draft. Not his fault. If he was a late first-rounder no one would care. But the Hornets had to go and ruin everything by reaching for him. They even changed their name to remove the stench of that bad pick.

It sort of worked, because the newly-branded Pelicans have a little hype surrounding them and Austin Rivers is no longer historically bad. Plus James Southerland is averaging 10 points a game for them. Things are looking up!

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