Peyton Siva Career High 12 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2014)

Is it weird that the second-best player (sorry Dieng fans) on the best college basketball team in the country can barely make the NBA? I guess it just speaks to how different the two games are, and that being short in the NBA really, really sucks.

I was regretting not making highlights of Siva’s 10 point performance just a few days ago. “There’s no way he’s gonna score more than that again, he just isn’t that good, this is my only chance to add him to my collection.” I thought to myself. But something prevented me. Was it the knowledge that a highlight vid consisting only of 3 three-pointers would be pretty crappy? Or was it something else, a prescient feeling of future greatness for the young Peyton?

Probably the first one. Doesn’t matter any more, now that he’s scored 12 points of totally legit highlight material. No assists, but that’s not important. 12 points is an amount that an actual NBA player would score. This bodes well for Siva. Maybe we’ll even see him in the league next year.

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