Rudy Gobert 7 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (4/11/2014)

You may think of DownToBuck as an impartial commentator, a man who loves all NBA players (except LeBron and other stars) equally. Indeed, that is the impression he tries to give, except when calling players busts and wondering out loud why they lick so much sack.

But now the veil of illusion will be lifted. DownToBuck does not share equal appreciation for all NBAers. He picks favorites, just as a parent picks a favorite child. For example, he has an unexplainable admiration for Rudy Gobert.

That guy is a total freak on the court. So fun to watch. I don’t get why he doesn’t get more minutes. The Jazz suck. Enes Kanter is done developing. Why not develop your raw, young center who has enormous physical gifts? Just put Kanter down as having a strained hamstring and be done with it. Play Rudy until he fouls out.

He might have bad hands and a turnover problem right now, but lots of game reps will improve his hands quicker than the pressure-free environment of practice. Plus I just want to see more crazy dunks and blocks. #FreeGobert

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