Kelly Olynyk 25 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2014)

Well, that experiment ended quickly.

Retirement was going good. Sitting back in my recliner, with a beverage in hand (the key to a happy life is always having a beverage in hand) and the television turned to some crappy made-for-TV movie, though I wasn’t really watching. I was the picture of contentment. No worries, no responsibilities, my Luke Babbitt quest complete. I pulled out my phone and idly goofed around on it. Crushed some candy, angered some birds, just mindless fun. But then my finger accidentally grazed the NBA GameTime app, and before I knew it I was browsing boxscores.

I thought I had it under control, just browsing as a casual basketball fan. But then I saw Kelly Olynyk’s statline.

I don’t even know what happened after that, but apparently I made Kelly Olynyk highlights because now this video is uploading and I have to type out a description. I hope the highlights turned out okay. If it’s just 2 minutes of random game footage I apologize.

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