Jimmer Fredette 17 Points Full Highlights (4/14/2014)

I can just imagine the excitement of Jimmer-nation when it was announced that he was released by the Kings and picked up by the Bulls. “Finally, Jimmer can play for a competent organization with a great coach who recognizes talent! Better burn all my Kings gear and pick up some Bulls swag!” They thought those thoughts or similar, without taking into account that Tom Thibodeau is a total maniac when it comes to rotations and was thus unlikely to give minutes to an unproven commodity. “Why isn’t Jimmer playing? I’ll just enjoy this fry sauce while staring at the wall.” Don’t worry Jimmer fans! Tornike Shengelia fans undoubtedly made the same mistake.

The problem with Thibodeau’s schemes is that when a starter misses a game it forces him to play an extremely seldom-used backup big minutes. With DJ Augustin out, Fredette got his opportunity as the only reasonable backup guard. What, you think they’re gonna play Mike James? Nope, Jimmer saw his chance and seized it, scoring 17 points to the delight of the fans and commentators in attendance. That more than doubles his total output so far with Chicago.

We’ll see which team he signs with next year. I’d take him. I don’t care. Milwaukee is a racist city so any white player should be a good draw.

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