Michael Beasley 18 Points Full Highlights (4/14/2014)

Now that marijuana is legal in a few US states, everybody should apologize to Michael Beasley for ragging on him after he got caught smokin’ dat green. He just does it to relax, you know? Calm the nerves before the big game. How is it worse than Kirk Hinrich downing two twelve-packs and a fifth of whiskey while throwing multiple women down the stairs?

If there’s anything that we should razz Beasley for, it’s not taking advantage of his talent to its fullest extent. He shouldn’t be interred on the Heat bench, seemingly content to share accommodations with scrubmasters Justin Hamilton and James Jones – he should grab opportunity by the balls and twist hard. By applying torque to opportunity’s happy sack, he could contribute to a team in a meaningful way instead of coasting to an unearned ring.

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