Jeremy Evans Career High 18 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (4/16/2014)

This was a breakout year for Jeremy Evans. He played way more minutes than before, freed from the shackles of Paul Millsap being really good. His field goal percentage went down, but that’s because he attempted shots other than dunks. Basically he took the advice given to anyone who is known for their work around the rim: add a jumper.

He even had a 14 point game earlier in the season which was composed almost entirely of midrange J’s. I expressed my disappointment for that one; when people watch Jeremy Evans they want sick dunks, not Dirk impersonations.

I’m happy to say that these highlights contain a more varied view of the okayness of Jeremy Evans. He dunks it a few times, hell yeah. Some contested layups, that’s pretty sweet. A long two coming off a screen to bail out Trey Burke, screw you man. 3 blocks including a burial of Gorgui Dieng, get that weak shizz outta here.

Is this the game where he turns the corner? I hope not, because the timing would be really bad. No use discovering that you’re actually a good player with zero games left in the season.

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