Toure’ Murry 15 Points Full Highlights (4/16/2014)

The Knicks’ season blissfully comes to an end with a lineup decision that many Knicks fans were clamoring for since the start of the season: big minutes for Toure’ Murry! He has some big advantages over the other point guards that the Knicks trotted out this season: he’s not as fat as Felton, and he’s not as old as Prigioni. Those things alone made him an appealing candidate for the starter position, although the coaching staff apparently didn’t catch on to this.

The other cool thing about Murry is that with his addition, the Knicks were league-leaders in having players whose names feature extraneous apostrophes. You can imagine how excited I was when Toure””’ Murry hit Amar””’e Stoudemire with the bounce pass for a sick stuff; I jumped out of my chair and yelled ” ”””””””””’ ””””’ ”” ””””’ ‘ ”””””””’ ””””’!” Hopefully, “the apostrophe catastrophe” can be reunited next season.

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