Troy Daniels Career High 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (4/16/2014)

The end of the regular season teaches us a lot of things. Who might stick around next year, who was unfairly buried on the bench, the fact that Melvin Ely is still alive, which teams have mailed it in the most.

The main takeaway, for me, is that Troy Daniels literally does not even give one-half of a crap about his three-point shot selection. He just doesn’t care. And why should he? He’s in the league for one reason only: his quick and accurate long-bomb. Him doing anything other than jacking triples is not the maximization of his talents. He’s got the mentality of a JR Smith, which should make me hate him but for some reason it’s endearing.

He probably won’t get to play much in the playoffs, as the rotations get tighter and coaches get more leery of unabashed shot-chucking by end-of-bench role players. I don’t know if he has much of a future in the league, maybe he does, maybe not, but we can always look back on this game and think “hot damn that guy was a maniac”.

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