Tyler Zeller 22 Points/11 Rebounds Full Highlights (4/16/2014)

Like the similarly-failed Pistons, the Cavaliers were supposed to be good this year. Kyrie Irving + Dion Waiters + Tristan Thompson + 1st-overall-pick was supposed to take the Cavs to the promised land of a first-round sweep. Instead, we get a team plagued by injuries, problems with overeating, and teammates punching each other. And that’s not even mentioning the “senile guy as commentator” thing they have going on over there.

In the midst of the chaos, Tyler Zeller improved as a player. It would be hard not to, as his 44% shooting mark last season was and is pathetic for a seven-footer. The Exzellerator might not ever be a starter in this league, but at least I can now confidently say that he is better than Greg Ostertag.

And his brother. Step it up, Cody.

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