Serge Ibaka 17 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (4/19/2014)

What if I told you that Serge “Dirge” Ibaka was just as important to the Thunders’ title aspirations as Russell Westbrook? It’s true! Everybody loves a volume scorer with low percentages, but there is less love for the guy who shoots well above 50% and still scores 15 per game, just because he doesn’t swag it up on the court with early-shot-clock long two-pointers.

Now that the playoffs have started, I feel like it’s the time to start really pushing the “Dirge” nickname I came up with. Seriously, these crates of T-shirts aren’t going to sell themselves. T-shirt printing is expensive!

My landlord keeps hounding me to pay rent. There’s only so much longer I can stall before I’m homeless. Please buy my T-shirts.

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