Kyle Korver 20 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (4/24/2014)

The NBA and its assorted commentators have a strange fascination with arbitrary records. “Colonel McDickles is the first player to score 22 or more points while shooting 60% from the field in the first quarter of consecutive road games in the history of the NBA! Isn’t that a sweet and totally notable achievement?” I actually made that quote up, but it sounds totally real. Imagine Bill Walton saying it for additional humor value.

Kyle Korver’s three point streak isn’t as arbitrary as some, but still, does anyone really care? It tells you all you need to know that Dana Barros was the previous record holder. I guarantee no one had thought of that dude for at least a decade until Korver’s streak came along.

With his streak over, Kyle has returned to relative anonymity, especially since he hasn’t been scoring very much lately. The threat of him is always there which helps his teammates, but defenses are so keyed in on him that he very rarely gets an open look. 20 points against a good, if imploding, Pacers defense is impressive. You can actually see the moment where the Pacers realize that they won’t be winning this series if you look closely after his last three.

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