Patrick Patterson 17 Points Full Highlights (4/25/2014)

It’s a good thing that DownToBuck isn’t in the business of making lowlights instead of highlights, cause then this video would only be a few seconds long. And who wants to see a pair of missed free throws anyway? Even if they are at the end of the game with the player’s team down by two.

Nope, highlights are a lot better. You can pretend that Patrick Patterson didn’t cost the Raptors a chance to win the game and instead think about the good stuff he did. Positivity! Those threes looked really good despite the fact that his eyes are so close together that it seems like he shouldn’t be able to focus on anything! And those first two free throws went right in!

It’s okay Raptors fans. Wipe the tears from your eyes. From the perspective that anything less than a chip is a failure, a first-round exit is pretty much the same as losing in the finals. Remember: positivity!

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