Chandler Parsons 26 Points Full Highlights (4/27/2014)

Jeremy and Chandler entered Jeremy’s bedroom with urgency. Chandler was surprised at how…romantic it was. The lighting was soft and low, the bed layered with sheets of varying shades of red. The two teammates sat down on the bed together.

“Let’s take these off,” Jeremy whispered, pointing at his shorts. Chandler eagerly followed Jeremy’s lead and his squirmed out of his shorts, leaving him only in form-fitting Under Armour briefs. He couldn’t help but stare as Jeremy was in a similar state of undress, and, almost involuntarily, he reached out to stroke his teammate’s thigh.

“You’re so hot,” Chandler murmured, relishing the feel of Jeremy’s taut muscles. “What was that fun you were talking about?”
The object in Chandler’s hand was hard, yet soft at the same time. Like the rest of Jeremy’s body, it was warm to the touch. He jerked it back and forth, incrementally getting closer to his goal.

“Come on, faster!” Jeremy hissed. “It won’t be long now!”

Chandler stopped suddenly, pulling his hand away. “If you’re going to boss me around, maybe I won’t even play,” he teased.

Jeremy groaned. “Fine. I’ll do it myself,” he replied, his hand taking the place recently vacated by Chandler’s hand. With a look of concentration on his face, he picked up exactly where the job had been left off, moving his hand with well-practiced movements.

“Sometimes it’s more fun to watch,” Chandler mused, staring with rapt attention at his teammate. He leaned forward to whisper into Jeremy’s ear, “You’re going to have to show me some tricks.”

Panting, Jeremy was clearly nearing completion. Sweat dripped down his body in rivulets that just begged to be tasted. The air in the room seemed to become charged with electricity. Then, all at once, it was over, and Jeremy flopped back on the bed, clearly spent.

“Wow! That’s a high score!” Chandler said, looking at the television screen. “You’re really good at Tetris, man. I want another turn.”

Jeremy handed the joystick back to his teammate. “Remember, try to use the long pieces to get four lines at a time. That’s how you get the really high scores,” he lectured.

“I kinda want to use your long piece right now, you silly nerd,” Chandler joked, pouncing on Jeremy and tackling him to the bed.
Jenny Smith of Houston, Texas, proofread Chapter Three with excitement. It was the most suggestive, erotic chapter yet. She wondered idly if her friend Jessie would be able to handle the steaminess of the writing; Jessie had turned bright red and giggled nervously while reading Chapter Two. She might faint when she realized how far Chandler and Jeremy’s relationship had progressed.

Jenny’s LiveJournal was already abuzz with comments on the first two installations. They would go crazy over this one, she was sure of it. The Linsons fanfiction community was under her spell, and she would never disappoint them.

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